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Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) saw the Lutheran Chorale as a vehicle for the people’s singing the liturgy”

..the Reformation chorale was, for Luther and his followers, a vehicle for doxological proclamation. The function of the chorale was proclamatory, telling the story of salvation; it was to ‘proclaim the wonders of God has done.’ The chorale was a profession of faith, not a vehicle for personal feelings or emotion. It was designed neither to be listened to, nor as a vehicle for entertainment. It was meant to be sung by a congregation as a vehicle through which they professed their common faith, rehearsed the story of salvation, and proclaimed God’s Word to the world....” Preface to the Erbauliche Liedersammlung, 1786.

From the earliest years, the two motifs, of Missouri Synod hymnody were an evangelical concern for a confessionally orthodox hymnody coupled with a vital concern for the rhythmic form of the chorale melody. Carl Schalk - God’s Song in a New Land - 1995

In a proper and pure public service of worship it is not only fitting and necessary that the preacher preach only God’s pure Word, but also that the congregation sing only pure hymns...that the preacher choose good hymns, and allow them to be sung, which properly prepares for the hearing of the Word of God and best serve to preserve and seal the Word already heard. “Concordanz, zum Kirchengesangbuch - Der Lutheraner” March 15, 1885.